Material & Supplier

Our global supplier network enables us to optimise your entire packaging supply chain. From material sourcing to logistics, we’re able to quickly find the highest quality, lowest cost packaging solution.

Industry overview

Our depth of experience gives us unrivalled visibility into the packaging industry. And, we’ve developed a benchmark for the capabilities, advantages and drawbacks of packaging suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, contract packers and adjacent companies within the industry.


We help you find the best solution to fit your organisation’s pricing, quantity and quality requirements. We don’t have vested interests in specific materials and individual suppliers, offering unbiased procurement advice. We also have the capability to carry out ‘make or buy’ studies, in order to determine the best route to market for your product.

Portfolio optimisation

Along with product range extensions, hard to manage complexity occurs when customer and supplier structures grow rapidly. This complexity results in ever-increasing packaging costs, and processes become inefficient. We can analyse these occurrences and identify portfolio optimisation and component rationalisation opportunities.

Selection & sourcing

Our in-depth knowledge of the packaging supply chain, commercial acumen and thorough grasp of industry terminology enables us to properly engage suppliers and negotiate the best possible deal for your company.

Our comprehensive understanding of materials means that we can introduce you to alternatives that may improve costs and efficiencies, and provide supply benefits.