Unlocking latent value and elevating an existing portfolio?

Working with an innovation team to launch something new?

Starting out and don’t yet have a packaging agenda?

Packinetics is built to liberate the packaging development process. We’re a nextgen consultancy that delivers nextgen packaging solutions.
Expert in structural and visual design, we’re – quite literally – ‘the complete package’. We’re able to look at a project as a whole, approaching your project with a business lens, engineer’s logic and an art school eye.
We understand the complexities involved in developing new packaging at all levels: start-ups, SMEs and MNCs. We bring a fresh perspective, new powers and an unprecedented agility to packaging opportunities.
Substantially more productive than existing methodologies, we forge unique packaging relationships that are personable and expansive.
dynamic packaging

What makes us different?


We cut through jargon with a straight-talking and down to earth attitude. We’re authentic, true to ourselves and honest with our clients. We say what we’ll do, and do what we say.

Bold thinkers on a mission, we help brands become the best versions of themselves; navigating the quagmire of packaging development to connect and resonate with consumers. We love what we do. We embrace a good challenge. We are brave and ambitious for our clients.

Talk to us. Your project will be in the safest and most capable hands.