Growing concern over environmental impact combined with tougher environmental legislation means that packaging solutions must meet an ever-increasing set of new standards. We can assist in identifying packaging solutions that fall short and suggest suitable alternatives.

Sustainability pathway

From taking your first step in packaging to becoming a recognised industry leader, we have the resource, tools and expertise to guide you through any stage of your sustainability journey.


  • We can:
    • Advise you on the recyclability of materials, packaging components and labelling
    • Guide you on the best consumer claims that you can communicate on pack
    • Provide support on your sustainability marketing and communications strategy

    Reduce, reuse, recycle

    We apply these principles when developing eco-friendly packaging alternatives. They help us embed the Design for Recyclability methodology into the NPD process and ‘ways of working’ for our clients.


    Our expertise gives us the ability to suggest reduction in packaging weight without compromising pack integrity, operational and supply chain efficiencies, or consumer experience.

    Component reduction

    The fundamentals of product safety, quality and regulatory compliance are integral to our design process. They underpin the sustainable packaging solutions that we co-create with our clients. What’s more, we can oversee and implement the reduction of packaging components that ensure legal and environmental compliance, and introduce cost down benefits while maintaining technical suitability.

    Effective implementation

    We help identify, develop and implement sustainable solutions that, in turn, help you to make more informed choices about packaging; deploying sustainability credentials to gain competitive advantage and improve the bottom line. In alignment with your business strategy we can help you to implement the most effective and sustainable packaging solutions.

    Sustainability performance

    Using lifecycle analysis and methodology tools to support material selection, we systematically assess and proactively steer your packaging portfolio towards improved sustainability performance. Circularity achieved through design and innovation is key to our process, and we factor in all lifecycle touchpoints from cradle to grave when developing solutions.