The demands on packaging today are many and various. Packaging needs to look good and be consumer friendly. It must be sustainable, work efficiently on high-speed production lines and meet all appropriate legislation. Gone are the days when the challenge for packaging development was a simple box to send the product from a to b.

Hybrid roles

It’s common for established businesses to create hybrid roles, particularly when resources are heavily constrained. Responsible for the packaging agenda, one person typically looks after both procurement and packaging development, or marketers also specify packaging. This means the business doesn’t get to benefit from specialist packaging development knowhow, missing out on innovative ideas and cost-saving opportunities. This often means that sub-optimal materials for sustainability and product compatibility are specified.

Full spectrum of support

We’re available to help you find an optimal packaging solution, every step of the way. From ad-hoc advice and support to full project management. We can help you fill the gaps by providing the most qualified support.

We’ve made things easier by offering various support packages that are tailored to every budget. We can supply regular on-going support or work on a retainer basis. You might even take us on as your remote, part-time Packaging Development Manager.

We offer an agile service with transparent pricing. Hourly, daily and weekly rates are available. And, we can also agree upfront costs for individual projects.

Specialist packaging support can also be provided for established teams embarking on bigger more complex projects. We work alongside your teams to provide the best possible outcome for your company.