Small Business
& Start-ups

Bringing new products to market can be challenging. We help small business and start-ups to develop packaging solutions, helping them navigate the complexities of today’s marketplace. Our broad range of experience across packaging development, marketing, commercial and supply chain make us an ideal partner.

Every step of the way

From ad-hoc advice and support to full project management, various support packages that are tailored to every budget make things easy.

We can supply regular on-going support or work on a retainer basis. You might even take us on as your remote, part-time Packaging Development Manager.

Hourly, daily and weekly rates are available. And, we can also agree upfront costs for individual projects.

Packaging that stands out

By selecting the right materials, pack structures and artwork we ensure all packaging elements work together – to maximise target audience appeal.

Start-ups most often have a limited budget, lacking the visibility of bigger brands. We can help you think, quite literally, ‘outside the box’.

Through smart use of materials and design, we can help create visually compelling packaging with shelf-standout at the lowest possible cost.

Technical Management

We help ensure packaging is legally compliant and fit for purpose.

Costs Management

There are many ways to create visually compelling packaging without breaking the bank. Our experience enables us to suggest the most cost-effective solution.


Consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for goods from a green or ethical business. We can help small business attain green credentials. Tap into this market through design and intelligent use of sustainable and ethical materials.

Route to Market

We help small businesses consider all the aspects of their market and help develop a packaging strategy to suit. For instance, if shipping direct to consumers, stronger packaging suitable for shipping should be considered.

Graphic Design

Resource-constrained ventures need distinct packaging design to signal brand and communicate product information effectively. We help manage every aspect of your brand’s visual identity and also the way product presents on shelf.